Who we are

Media Inc is a creative agency focused on integrating digital media solutions for marketing and advertising purposes, achieving sustainable business value and maximum branding impact, from design and development to media and content integration our firm promotes value through the power of technology.

Digital marketing relies on strategic thinking, creative delivery, and technical expertise. 

“We listen to your needs, research your market, and find the digital sweet spots that work for your business”

As a creative agency, our tailored campaigns are unique and highly effective. We create and refine customer interactions and deliver reliable results through a powerful combination of intelligent planning and emotive storytelling.

We deliver value through:

  • Creative Advertising
  • Digital Creative Services
  • Digital Media Planning
  • Digital Production
  • Video Productions
  • Social Media Marketing
We love what we do and would like to welcome you along for the ride! Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.
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Us Defined

We’re a creative studio that specializes in brand strategy, visual & verbal identity, campaigns & digital design.


We’re a small studio with a big heart and believe we can make the world a better place through creativity. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a one man band or one from a band of one hundred, our process will remain the same. We care that you want to do something interesting, and unique!


When built properly, your brand can be your best salesperson, an engaging communicator, a top notch builder and customer service assistant. It plays so many roles in your business, and makes a big difference to your results.

"so, it makes sense to invest wisely in it"