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Stickers and Decals Still Work in the Digital Age

1. Traditional and Trendy

Stickers are regular advertising campaigns. Even before TV ads, stickers have already been there. In the 1880’s, European merchants affixed bright colored paper labels in their crates to attract potential customers. Decals are an offshoot of stickers but are much trendier. With the help of digital printing technology and 3D effects, stickers opened another door for doing business. The digital printing technology allowed limitless possibilities for each sticker design. Today, businesses usually include bumper stickers and wall decals as freebies to new customers.

2. Customizable


Depending on your business and style, you can customize your business sticker or decal to your preference. The designing possibility is endless. You may opt for large rectangles or oblongs, 3D effect, black and white, text, anything. You can access and search the internet for a wide range of creative possibilities including sizes, color combinations, and screened graphics. You may even have it done for you by an expert with your logo and a catchy phrase. Size, shape, color, design – sky’s the limit and let your business marketing fly high!

3. Cost-Effective

It’s a sticker and yet it brings customers right at your business’ doorstep. It saves you the money and the time. Let me tell you how: You design your own sticker, give them out to strangers or possible customers. They then stick it wherever they want to. It does not require any safety measure, unlike advertisements on websites which could be easily hacked, nor could it be some pricey equipment that needs a high-end alarm system.

It is a simple sticker, when sticked to a car, travels your business wherever it goes. This saves you the time and effort to travel to different places only to give away stickers. Nowadays, some businesses see to it that they always send car stickers or decals to their customers which attracts other people to the product or service. Besides, if there’s one thing consumers cannot resist, it’s freebies!

4. Eye-Catching


Since it offers a wide array of design possibilities, you could create the most eye-catching design. Stickers could be small and compact to fit even your cellphone cover and hand them out to total strangers. The decals may well cover one entire wall with the variety of products you offer or include the store location.

The location and position of the sticker is the key factor in this business advertising campaign. If you designed your sticker to fit a car bumper, then it will get the attention it deserves. On the other hand, if your sticker is designed to be placed on coasters or too small for customers to see the brand logo, then the goal for advertising is obviously defeated.

5. Durability

With new technology, stickers and decals are manufactured from a strong weather-proof material (may it be heavy rains, harsh sun, or snow) and a strong adhesive. Moreover, some stickers also have a residue-free adhesive, thereby avoiding hassle consumers get when replacing their old stickers. Stickers can last up to 3 years, thus increasing your chances to get new clients without breaking a sweat.

6. Great for Start-Up Businesses

Since most starting businesses do not have the budget to spend on advertising their product or service online, they resort to posters, flyers, and stickers because of the reasons stated above. It is the best move to spend ample money on stickers and then let the stickers advertise your business for you. With bumper decals, your advertisement travels to different places. You do not need to spend too much on TV commercials or internet blogs; what you need is wise spending and marketing.

7. The Possibilities are Endless


Unlike other advertising media which is only limited to televisions, internet websites, stickers could just be placed and seen anywhere and everywhere! Designing the shape and style of the sticker caters to a specific target market but are definitely not limited to vehicles. Decals may be placed on top of your notebook, on your laptop screen, locker doors, cabinet, or even on your room’s wall.

At the end of the day, marketers still see that every consumer is a kid excited for stickers. They are everyone’s favorite! Business owners see these as a long-term advertisement because you may use them for all types of product or service. The material and printing process is inexpensive and it does not limit you from anything. More so, it doubles its use by serving as promotional freebies for your customers. With this, it is no wonder why businesses still stick to stickers and definitely rely on decals!

BY:Jeanette Anzon

Jeanette Anzon is a freelance writer and runs the blog Adventure Dweller. Follow her @jeanetteanzon

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