Video Productions

We recognize that the customer cycle starts online – and that creating TVC’s is no longer the primary channel for content. So we increasingly look at how content manifests itself across all client channels and where Film lives today. The new & now is online with video content, everywhere!

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A gross mismatch between a client’s expectations and their budget is one of the primary causes of disappointment, so it’s critical that we’re realistic in what can be achieved. Whilst we’re particularly skilled at figuring out how to pull off something seen in a feature or a commercial at an nth of the budget, we’re not miracle-makers sadly…

  • Clients will often want to ask, “how much does a film cost”? This is one of the world’s most open-ended questions…
  • It’s understandable that one doesn’t want to give away one’s budget when negotiating costs with a supplier, but some indication allows us to come up with ideas and production values that are realistic.
  • Production companies frequently over-promise in order to win a job only to under-deliver thereafter.
  • We do our best to under-promise and over-deliver.